A bead hard wax formula that applies like such but has the same gripping strength as a soft wax.   Characteristics	Black beads	Resin based formula	Low melting point Benefits	Stays flexible and pliable	Great for sensitive and intimate areas	Helps reduce redness and irritationIngredientsColophonium (Rosin), Glyceryl Rosinate, Ethylene/VA, Copolymer, Beeswax, Paraffin, Glyceryl Hydrogenate Rosinate, Methyl Hydrogenated Rosinate, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, C30-45 (Alkyl Methicone), CI 77499 (Iron Oxide)

Black Coral Wax 2.2lb Bags

  • HEATING INSTRUCTIONS: To melt/soften the wax, pour the beads into your wax warmer / heater. The suggested temperature should be 60-70°C, depending on your room's variables.

    USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Area to be treated must be clean, dry and free of any oils and creams. Always test wax on the inside of your wrist before use. Do not apply on warts, moles and broken or irritated skin. Once the area is clean, prep the area by using a barrier of your choice (oil or powder). Dip your disposable applicator in wax, which should be the consistency of molasses or honey, and spin the stick to accumulate the wax. It is not necessary to melt down wax completely. Apply the wax in the direction of the growth of hair. Once the wax is not sticky, remove against the direction of hair growth. Apply a clean up strip using the reverse of the method above. Apply any oil or finishing lotion to treat the area.

    CAUTION: This is a professional product for salon use only. Please test before use. If skin irritation occurs, cease use.

    WARNING: Exceeding recommended heating instructions may cause burns and/or injury.

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