This limited edition oil has a warm pumpkin spice and cinnamon aroma and comes in the most beautiful bottle that will shine on your shelf. Soften your bikini line, legs, underarms and anywhere else you may be experiencing skin irritations caused by hair removal, with this 100% natural oil that will also prevent ingrown hairs and treat razor burn. 

Our Limited Edition Oil will help with redness, irritation and ingrown hairs, all while leaving your skin smelling like your favorite season; pumpkin spice season! 

8 natural ingredients work together to reduce redness, irritation and prevent ingrown hairs anywhere on your body whether that be legs, bikini line, or underarms. The anti-inflammatory properties will ensure your skin everywhere is looking its best. The oils are fast absorbing and work on any skin type. For best results, apply right after the shower.

Pumpkin Spice Pubic Oil

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  • Gently massage Pumpkin Pubic Oil onto anywhere on the body, but specifically places where razor burn, ingrown hairs, and other skin irritations occur when removing hair. This can also help soothe little bumps on the skin.

    For the oil to truly work its magic, you should ensure your skin is fresh and clean with no build-up of dead skin cells. To do this, you should exfoliate 2-3 times a week while in the bath or shower. The oil should be applied daily within the first two minutes of getting out of the bath or shower.