15% Vitamin C/Green Tea Serum with Vitamin C, CoQ10, and Peptides

This healthy aging serum gives the skin a boost in brightening, cellular health, hydration, and soothing for soft, glowing skin. Three of the most effective formulations of vitamin C are in this serum as well as one of our favorite peptides, SNAP 8, making it one of our top daytime serums for all skin types.

Vitamin C/Green Tea Serum

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  • After cleansing and toning apply to face, neck and chest. Follow with moisturizer.

    If you're concerned that your serum is dark yellow in color or feels a bit sticky, don't worry--that's exactly how it should be! This potent serum works wonders for brightening up your skin. Ascorbic acid, a brightening agent, causes the yellow color. It's best to follow up your serum with a good moisturizer and SPF to minimize the sticky feel.



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