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owner + licensed esthetician

Brianna Becker

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i co-host a podcast!

brazilian waxing ☺

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leo ♥

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Hi! ☺ I'm Bri & I'm the owner of The Naked Pineapple! I became a licensed esthetician in 2019 after doing accounting work in the funeral industry for 5+ years. I'm originally from Lafayette, IN and moved to Fort Wayne in 2013 for college.  Fort Wayne quickly felt like home and I wanted to make an impact here to impower people and help them feel comfortable in their own skin. I decided to go to beauty school in 2018, where I wanted to specialize in makeup and lash extensions, but I quickly fell in love with the art of waxing and facials.  After looking into salons in the area, I decided to open my own to create a space for people who weren't looking for a cookie-cutter salon.

I strive on being a safe space for people to explore themselves.  I love when clients open up to me and feel comfortable doing so! All their secrets are safe with me & I always promise to never judge.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games with my boyfriend; snuggling with my two Great Danes & my pit-lab mix; doodling; & admiring plants. ♥

how to get in touch:

I'm mainly available via text or e-mail

(I don't check DM's very often ☹)


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